Code meets Biology

Rapidly scale your team with expertise and dynamic resources in molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics. Intensify your research, boost your product development, and accelerate market launches.

Your Consultant

Sebastian Ganschow

“I help ambitious businesses like yours develop innovative diagnostic applications and gain valuable insights from biological data.”

— Dr. Sebastian Ganschow

I am an independent scientific consultant for diagnostic laboratories and life science companies. My mission is to drive your short-term goals in the fast-paced world of life sciences. With my open and communicative personality and the right working attitude, I will integrate seamlessly into your business.

My multi-disciplinary background in molecular biology and bioinformatics enables a holistic perspective on your business case. You can expect competent and uncomplicated support both on the technical side (assay development and validation) as well as in the ‘dry lab’ (bioinformatics and data analysis). 


Scientific Consulting

Molecular Assay Development


Document Management

Contract Work & Interim Positions

Scientific Consulting

Is there a skill gap in your team or do you have a high volume of work without the capacity to meet deadlines? Ganschow Consulting provides scientific advisory and supports your team in times of increased workload.

  • Quickly fill an interim position

  • Bridge gaps during a busy project period

  • Outsource bioinformatics data analysis


Molecular Assay Development

Ganschow Consulting offers a flexible and scalable bioinformatics solution that provides optimal design of primers and probes – perfectly tailored to your diagnostic application.

Wide range of applications

Detection, differentiation, quantification, and characterization of pathogens and human genetic targets.

Your assay, your rules

Engineering of optimal DNA oligonucleotides based on fully customizable design criteria and best practices.

Molecular mining

Identification of suitable genetic targets using whole-genome data. Target groups of homologous organisms or specific mutations.

High confidence

Genome-wide in silico PCR analysis of target and off-target organisms to forecast how assays will perform under real-world laboratory conditions.

Explore your data


Bioinformatics combines the principles of biology, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to understand biological processes. Enhance your research and development with cutting-edge bioinformatics services.

Workflow development

Custom bioinformatic workflows, implemented as automated software pipelines.

Bioinformatics applications

Tailored analysis solutions to gain valuable insights from complex biological data.

Next-generation sequencing

NGS data analysis with focus on targeted sequencing (pathogen characterization, human genetics, forensic genetics).

Driving the Digital Transformation


Ganschow Consulting is official partner of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Bielefeld – the experts for document management solutions for the pharma, med-tech and chemical industry.

Whether document control, change management or business analytics – Ganschow Consulting helps you to digitalize your processes and optimize your workflows.

The enaio© software offers best practice solutions for perfect quality management in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors – tailored to your needs and compliant with FDA and ISO 13485.